The Seminars

        Various Clubs, groups of interested buyers and artists guilds enjoy the interesting and revealing (motorcycle and RV) Seminars called: “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?” about what to expect when considering the commission of personal art, the experience that occurs with personal art, the steps that go into the creation of your personal masterpiece, what takes place in the mind of the artist during the creation of this artwork, starting with the visualization, the composition, and the plan that gets organized into a viable process that accomplishes a particular objective and how it enhances the lives of others. 


The Motorcycle Seminars

SEMINARS 11 (Copy)
SEMINARS 11 (Copy)

           “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?”

           The educational and enlightening seminar entitled “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?” will benefit HOG Chapter members or anyone that is interested in finding out what traditional hand painted artwork can do to enhance the motorcycling experience. Dave will discuss what goes into the traditional manner of “Old School” pinstripe designs, the variety of flames that are in abundance today, how a simple hand lettered inscription can communicate a statement or serve to identify a cause or provoke an emotion. An informative portion of the talk will involve the steps that go into the creation of the spectacular custom paint jobs with an opportunity for questions from any one interested in the technical aspects of this interesting facet of the biker culture.

The RV Seminars

          “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?”

          In addition to being adept as an airbrush artist, old school pinstriper, gold leaf gilder, lettering man and creator of high quality custom graphics for tow cars and paint of all kinds, Letterfly is also a teacher and educator who enjoys hosting an entertaining seminar entitled “Rolling Art,…Why a Mural?” This venue enlightens members of the motor home community, interested novices, and other aficionados about the experience of having and creating decorative paint on a variety of vehicular substrates. Dave also explains aspects of custom paint and answers questions from those interested in paint options, professionals, and do-it-yourselfers in need of direction and encouragement. Many patrons enjoy this opportunity to learn about this interesting facet of the motor home culture.

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