Special Services

           Additional specialized offerings are the result of the artist developing new skills that are part of mainstream processes, keeping abreast of the times and raising the bar of excellence in all arenas. Through relentless customer interactions came the development of sensitivity to comprehend desires and translate them into conversation using effective rhetoric. These conversations became fodder for other effective verbal communications, leading to his becoming a public speaker, as an efficient way to educate and enlighten an entire group. The artist also became an author, having learned to paint a picture with words.  Personal inspiration in many areas expanded the output of the artist that now includes more than what is produced the traditional way with paint.


        Now the artist is authoring informative newsletters, hosting enlightening seminars and teaching the techniques of the painter in the classroom among other forums.  The continual yearning to be effective and creative with writing, teaching and coaching lead to the development of skills that assist learning nuance of the craft, marketing ambitions, customer relations, and the composition of literary content and has placed the artist in an uncanny position to offer these additional services as a teacher/writer.


       The discerning seeker of an advocate to compose effective rhetoric, to inspire a group, develop personal or corporate identity strategies and the effective announcement of services and ambitions will enjoy these additional services, plus; the result of the digital offerings of today and the network of the IT team at Letterfly is the vector output that satisfies mainstream specific desires that is also included in the offerings of team Letterfly.