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Murals & Graphics and Pets, Oh My

       Hand painted artwork adds to the motor home experience. Letterfly is best known for the spectacular murals that grace motor homes in the rolling art gallery that is on the highways and byways of America.  The artist creates one of a kind artistry for people just like you, many times right on the spot. Did you know that the graphic stripe schemes that match the tow car to the coach and the classic pinline designs that keep the 50’s and 60’s alive are also created? And there’s more! The artist will be happy to meet with you and show you examples of his varied repertoire. Visit ArtPark during the winter or call for information or to discuss the creation of a personal motor coach masterpiece.


       Mural Art not only enhances the value and appearance of your motor coach but also transforms it into a one of a kind pictorial display of your memories, dreams, or fantasies. A high quality automotive clear coat finish assures that your custom work of art will last as long as the finish on your motor coach providing many years of enjoyment.

       Art Within Art

       With the popularity of full body graphic paint schemes on virtually every brand of motor home from the entry level campers to top of the line luxury models, at first glance you can’t tell them apart.  Festive swoops in decorator colors and graceful zigzags are arranged on the outsides of virtually all RV’s. This uniformity is readily evident when motor homes are gathered en-mass at a rally.

       Many customers ask, “What can you do to personalize my coach and make it stand out from all the rest?”

Of the popular Letterfly custom paint offerings, the airbrushed mural is easily number one. A handcrafted wildlife or patriotic image, depiction of a classic automobile or portraits of beloved pets serve to distinguish and provide a compelling statement to others on the road and in the campground. However, some people assess that the back of their coach with its prominent graphic boomerang is full.

       “What can you do for us?” you often ask, “We have a decorative swoop going across the entire back of our coach.”

 Letterfly is quick to remind that when a spectacular scene, a likeness of your favorite animal, the setting of your fondest memories or any number of creative airbrushed images is added to the back of the coach; the mural becomes the most prominent feature on the exterior.

       For a growing group of adventurous motor homers, the painted decor bar has been raised with a new form of motor home art. A new category has been born. Letterfly has discovered that with the full body paint on many motor homes, a location between the graphic stripes is oftentimes the logical place for decorative paintwork.  Another option is to create a decorative airbrushed element to specifically and playfully go over and under the stripe work, creating the illusion of layers within the paint job. An example of this is a cougar that steps over one stripe as he emerges from beneath another. The mural work that cleverly interacts with the existing graphics has been coined by Letterfly as “Art Within Art.”

Murals are also being created with other areas of the coach exterior for those RVers not content with the cookie cutter look.  In addition to the extra long images on the sides that interact with the graphic design that stair steps up, over and around the slides of the motor home, murals are being created that reside over the windshield. The elevated frontal location is an effective area to communicate to the passers-by when you are headed down the road.

       Many coach owners want the entertaining look that occurs when a few of the graphic elements of the motor home are replicated to enhance the exterior of the tow car. Then the coach with the color-coordinated car makes a bold statement.

       Another location on the coach that I have often thought would be great for a spectacular mural is the roof.  That way if you are ever involved in a high-speed chase involving a police helicopter, they too, would have beautiful artwork to admire along the way.

        Pinstriping is a decorative craft that not only provides an alternative decorative paint option but also has a rich history that goes back to Egyptian times.  Made popular in the 50’s and 60’s by the Hot Rod culture, pinstriping is alive and well at ArtPark where tow cars, motorcycles, big trucks, RV’s and scooters alike are spontaneously decorated on a regular basis.  Pinline designs, like snowflakes, are individual. No two are alike.  The intricate designs present themselves as inspiring thoughts while being painted and they grow right before your very eyes.

       The combination of blending the existing graphics with the continued interest in personalization of the coach has inspired another look at a decorative identity system from an age long ago.

     The Coat of Arms Revisited

       In days of yore, symbolism was used as a form of communication.  A simple set of shapes, each denoting an accepted meaning, provided the foundation for motifs as language.  The elements of family designs communicated lineage, affluence, accomplishments and power.  Known as the Coat of Arms, these images spoke with universality all their own and expanded the social dynamic to all that beheld them.

       Many of these design elements are still in use today.  The chevron, griffin, shield and mantle are among those now incorporated into modern logos. While tracing our bloodlines back to medieval times is fun, many facets of our family, lifestyle and the focus of our attention have evolved, making the time ripe for modern heraldry.

        Heraldry for the RV opens a new chapter for the motor home experience. Based on the coach owners interests, history and personality, images are created to produce a novel and unique design. Military service, pets, musical instruments, propellers, golf clubs and ….the list is endless. Images are combined around a large initial on an interesting shape, while a ribbon or banner can be included to display a motto.

       A pleasant and spontaneous design occurs as the result of combining the elements into a vision. To imply luxury, gold leaf is used to make the monogram and scroll elements stand out. There is only one way to get the rich glow of gold: the inclusion of real 24 karat gilding.  Flank the design with rearing horses, a bull and a bear, airplanes or speedboats. Icons from exotic cars and motorcycles along with visual suggestions of professions, avocations and aspirations can be combined in a unique and enviable Coat of Arms to set your coach apart.

       Decorative custom RV paint options continue to be developed. New ways of individualizing the coach are being discovered as guests from all parts of the country commission personal artwork by Letterfly to satisfy their need to stand out from the rest.   Among them, new visual icons, graphic elements and special effects, hand-brushed pictorials, pet portraits and the marriage of several images into an airbrushed masterpiece successfully accomplish their desire. Multitudes continue to visit ArtPark to seek the individual, unique look that comes with the addition of a little custom paint or a lot. 

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