For centuries, artisans have been transforming common surroundings into exotic works of beauty, making cramped quarters spacious and barren footage intimate. Painting techniques are used to imitate the appearance of materials such as onyx, marble or malachite, increasing the visual opulence of the residence. When combined with the centuries old art form known as Trompe L’oeil (from French, literally, “fool the eye”,) the mural experience becomes pure entertainment. (Picture; Benton Harbor home)


          Because of its scale, a mural transforms a room into a piece of art, with the occupants becoming part of the design, reacting to it and talking about it. A mural can promote a chosen mood, induce relaxation, or, through a surrealistic theme or distorted perspective, create an electric atmosphere. Murals can also inform, or create an illusion, transporting the spirit wherever it cares to travel, giving expression to our dreams and fantasies. (Picture; Fort Meade home)


       Snow capped majestic mountains, a rustic vignette of a Tuscan street scene, waves breaking along a tropical shore, ancient castles guarding lush fields … you can live these and other vistas from the comfort of your own home. Spectacular murals add value and beauty to the interior of your home as well as accurately reflecting the scope of your personality and interests.


        You will not find a catalog of murals here. The artist, Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer, has over forty years experience creating distinctive hand painted, one-of-a-kind designs for the discerning customer who wants something unique. To learn more, call 813-752-8063 or write The artist will be happy to meet with you, find out your idea, guide you to what will best accomplish your ambition and discuss the creation of your own personal masterpiece.


Residential and Commercial Interior and Exterior

       There are many ways to enhance the interior of a home, a retail environment and create a visual landmark in your community. A one-of-a-kind, hand painted masterpiece will set the tone, achieve a theme and establish a focal point of interest on a wall or around an entire room. Subtle effects such as floral decor, wood grain and imitation marble are excellent ways to suggest elegance. Trompe L’oeil murals introduce a whimsical illusion of a beautiful view or suggest another believable effect. A superbly done mural will accurately reflect each patron’s unique personality and interests. Here are stories of home and business owners like you, the desire they had for a mural, the hand painted effects that were achieved by the mural artist known as “Letterfly” and what to do to commission one of your own.

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