Guitar Art

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IMG_5693 (1)

         Drum & Musical Instrument Original Paint, Restoration and Custom Décor

           The music industry is a creative realm that combines spontaneity with prose, rhythm, song and various devices to make sound. Personal visual expression, iconic branding and a colorful individual statement is accomplished on the beloved instrument of the musician with the variety of decorative and custom paint techniques in the artist’s arsenal. Musicians, collectors and enthusiasts enjoy the one-of-a-kind artwork on their axe that captures their unique persona to accompany the statement they make with sound. Letterfly is one of the top producers of hand painted pinstriping, airbrushed murals and painted graphics on guitars in the country.

          To get a unique hand-painted statement on your instrument, visit the artist anywhere along his pinstriping route across the country during the summer months ( or stop in during the winter at his home called ArtPark in Florida.

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