Custom Paint Workshops

         To insure that future generations have access to the accumulated knowledge and experience of his forty-plus year career, the student or aficionado of custom decorative paint will benefit from the five day Custom Paint Workshops classes that take place annually at the artist’s home in Florida called ArtPark. All aspects of creating custom output with paint are covered in masterly fashion with learning aids and hands on opportunities in the paint shop/studio.  This workshop always takes place during the first week in Febuary.   For more information- ( )

          Letterfly Custom Paint Workshops


       A rigorous, guided hands-on experience with a professional will catapult the wanna-be pinstriper and custom painter into the realm of hi-profile money making. The myriad aspects of custom paint for vehicles and motorcycles are like pieces of a puzzle and even the professional can learn yet another tid-bit of knowledge and experience to add to his tool kit of tricks and repertoire of techniques.


        Students benefit not only from the extensive curriculum, the result of decades of creating of traditional hand painted works and for the ongoing opportunity to ask questions as they learn to manipulate paint into delicate designs, become familiar with the recipe and philosophy of combining aspects of color theory, viscosity ideals, and devices that provide special and unusual effects when used in surprising unconventional ways.

         No better forum exists to get a leg up on a complete understanding of the mechanics of and the spectrum of; the variety of paints and products, the strategy of design, and the scope of paint manipulation techniques available to the aficionado of custom paint and vehicular decor.


       The workshop has been divided into five logical specialties with a day designated to each discipline; attend any day of the subject that interests you, or to optimize your ability, understanding, level of skill and jump start your career, stay for all five consecutive days and learn every aspect of this interesting opportunity for the creative personality.


        Classes take place annually during the first week in February. Any one day class is $225. The best value is attending all five classes for $850. See for this year’s workshop dates


         RVSP to  or call  813 752 8063  Make plans now to participate, add to your repertoire and get ready to be rigorously launched into the fascinating world of custom paint.

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