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"How To" -  Pinstriping, Airbrushing, Gold Leaf

           Letterfly is interviewed in this “How To” book that walks the reader or student through many of the projects that are routine for the custom painter, augmented with testimony from numerous other artists. The hobbyist, professional and the aficionado will benefit from the many intimate glimpses about pinstriping, airbrushing and gilding with gold, that provide revealing nuance into the fascinating field of creating with paint.

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Tales of a Traveling Airbrush

Tales of a Traveling Airbrush

        The result of a colorful career and writing about the many adventures, musings, inner thoughts and perspectives is this collection of short stories that take you from the foundational experiences that imprinted a young artist, to the changing environment along the road of life, and the maturing perspective that made dramatic shifts and the adeptness that arrived after each twist, turn, achievement and echelon breakthrough that resulted in being rocketed into new dimensions of service as an artist extraordinaire that traveled this land. Mixed with personal observations, these anecdotes provide a peek into the mind of an artist who loves his work, the rigors of the road, the events that brought about personal growth in spiritual arenas and the clarity of today that fills his heart with zeal and drives his service to mankind. 

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One Man Show

         Celebrating the self-sufficient, independent personality that found a way to excel in the ever changing professional environment that required him to re-invent himself repeatedly as his role as an artist changed through the decades. This themed collection of memoirs reveals how the relentless self-reliance mentality both accelerated and hindered this creative soul that, ironically, is dependant on a never ending supply of new people in his life, and how spiritual maturity provided the missing element that drove the initial choice of self reliance to find his oneness and connection with the universe.

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