Big Trucks

           The gear jammin’, double clutchin’, eighteen-wheel terror of the truck stop, coal-blowing highway jock is dad-burn proud of his truck. Truckers seek to out-do each other with spectacular pinstriping, hand lettered signwork, gold leaf monograms, spectacular graphic designs, airbrushed images and fanciful custom paint, the finishing touch that establishes a carefully outfitted, superbly crafted and powerful conveyance.

           Early heavy transport builders continued the tradition established by the carriage and wagon makers to finish their quality product and show off the accurately fitted components with delicate pinlines. Later, the trucking culture picked up this baton of pride in ownership and sought their own version of attractive signwork, pinstripe designs and hand-painted iconic elements.


            Letterfly began as a sign painter lettering trucks in the early seventies, refining his airbrush, gilding and pinstriping skills throughout the years. Today, Letterfly is one of the top producers of custom painted art and high quality paint on show trucks in the country.


            Letterfly, who lives the RV lifestyle on the road half of the year, with a big hauler truck of his own, has evolved with the times, combining old school, hand crafted techniques of an era gone by and embracing computer technology to provide an even greater variety of offerings and services to the truckers.


            To get a unique hand-painted statement on your truck, visit the artist anywhere along his pinstriping route across the country during the summer months ( or stop in during the wintertime at his home called ArtPark in Florida.



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