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              Among the stories told between the pilots, airmen and crew who accomplished the many facets of flight to make brave missions possible were tales of pride, comradery, and courage as they sought to distract each other from the turmoil, reality of danger, and uncertainty of their destiny.

            To lighten up their experience, they also lettered endearing names of girls back home on their aircraft. The emerging tradition of hand-painted artwork also depicted fanciful pin-up images that lifted spirits, promoted pride and increased comradery for these courageous airmen. The rituals and notions that surrounded these brave men who took to the skies in fragile aircraft are now fading from our memories.








         To keep alive this rich tradition, the artist Letterfly created an airbrushed image of Airiel of the Sky in the style of the forties to enhance the Warbirds of America clubhouse at the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo grounds for the elite of the elite. This hand-painted depiction of a pin-up girl on a call with her sky boys was accomplished with the airbrush and now hangs in the Warbirds briefing room on the airshow grounds.





        Letterfly is complimented to be endorsed by the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo and Fly-In Festival. The team at Letterfly is first to appreciate the freedom we enjoy. We salute the brave men and women of the military and all first responders. We are poised with the gifts we have been blessed with and look forward to finding ways to provide the rich tradition of hand-painted lettering & fanciful artwork for airmen and fans of all kinds of aircraft alike.  


Airiel Calling



























































Aircraft Bomber Art & Pin-up Painting

        Love for airplanes and the iconic bomber art came from dad. During WWII, my father; “Long” Bill “Speedy” Knoderer, illustrated flight manuals for the Air Force. The fad of airmen decorating their aircraft began at that time. Clearly the universal touchstone of beauty is the female form. Subtle silhouettes combined with other classic elements stir the imagination. A frenzy of appreciation is achieved with successfully combining carefully rendered seductive facial expressions and the commanding poses that yank at the heart of the red blooded. The level of ability of any artist is clearly evident as the result of perusing the hand painted rendering of the Pin-Up girl, perhaps the ultimate personal expression to distinguish your aircraft from the rest.

warbirds room
PINUP 3 (Copy)
PINUP 3 (Copy)

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        The genre of the variety of painted design spans the decades with recognizable styles that punctuate and refer to the richness of each era.  Artists and painters push the envelope of stunning exterior paint utilizing many facets of the striping, gilding, sign painting, engraving and illustration trades.


         While creating airbrushed murals on motor homes, many air force veterans commissioned special paintings depicting various aircraft that lead to yet other special pin-up paintings and original art on restored and contemporary aircraft shown at Sun n Fun and Oshkosh air shows.


            The ability of the artist to travel to various aircraft repaint jobsites facilitates the ability to create these stunning images.

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