The Letterfly Art Gallery

       Every unique piece of Letterfly Artwork starts with just one brush stroke of passion – and the artist’s collection of unique masterworks has grown exponentially throughout the years.

Horse Play  

2017, private collection

            Air and water is the theme for this interesting work of art called “Horse Play.”        

Although the initial idea for this painting occurred in conversation with a glass artist in Michigan, the composition sketches for a yin/yang design with a winged horse and a seahorse didn’t occur until later. Once the concept worked on paper and the painting began, other hidden meanings revealed themselves.

            The artist’s relationship with the horse is just one appropriate aspect. He is also an air sign. The cloud formation depicted are mares tail clouds. Proving perfect as the soulmate to the winged horse, the seahorse is also appropriate due to being the water sign; coming into perfect alignment as complimentary opposites- just as man is to woman, light is to darkness, small to big, better to worse, good to evil, and vice versa. The painting symbolizes the divine union of opposites in perfect harmony; an honored ideal in the artist’s love of life and life of love.






























The PinUp


            The universal standard for the depiction of beauty is the female form. Here, in harmony with the playful interaction of the pinstripe design is a classic pinup girl rendered in the wet-blended hand-brush technique of the old-school painter.

          The artist celebrates the era when art was created with paint using a brush and the touchstone of beauty was the erotic depiction of God's gift to man; a woman.



Amphibious Angel Vestige


          This work started as an aggressive border-making project. The artist's play continued as his imagination began to develop many parallels with the central icon, a benevolent spirit being watching over all species designed to mystify and enlighten. The initial impression is designed to segue into realizing that much more exists on this plane than previously thought. As you gaze at the wonder, pause to consider that which exists that has yet to reveal itself, like the evidence depicted here, of a special presence divest.

King Flying Eye


          The extensive details and myriad elements in this piece reveal one strategy of the artist; the belief that in order to really make an impression, the work must be complicated. Included in this playful composition are many details that showcase the art of painting with a pinstripe brush. The careful rendering of recognizable icons and the use of every available space for a variety of aspects that, when combined, tell a story in the relationship of color and shape. At the conclusion of packing in as much as possible in this work of art, the artist was inspired to make subtle humor with the statement: “Keep it simple.”

The Beat Goes On


            This hand-painted image reminiscent of the 1940’s reveals a native American beauty in fantasy attire and a playful mood. Aspiring to capture all the aspects of beauty, the pin-up girl is a favorite subject for the artist. This is also apropos because while rendering the image, he uses old-school techniques painting with a brush.

            The artist, Letterfly, keeps alive this timeless artform. Each motif is an exercise in playful meditation where the artist opens himself up to possibilities as each stroke occurs, only to reveal and discover the intention as the last connecting stripe is made.

            The value, as you gaze at the design, is in the realm of contemplation; let your mind become quiet and let the artwork spark an inner journey of intrinsic wonder.

            This piece was completed in 2018 during the artist’s annual tour across the country, when he takes his gifts to customer-dedicated Harley-Davidson stores. The image is hand-painted on a metal panel and buried in urethane clearcoat; the same process used for the custom art that shows up on high-end show bikes.

          The Letterfly Art Gallery invites you to become immersed in a unique light-hearted perspective of a life dedicated to enriching the lives of those interested in collecting unique pieces of fine art. Our mission is to make collecting art fun – whether you are a seasoned art collector or a curious first timer.  Letterfly artwork is characterized by the striking use of color and his fascination with unique painting subcultures. Letterfly includes icons of patriotic sentiment, visionary movements and frames the future with a commitment to the spontaneity of new mind-bending designs.

















        The artist suggests that it is more than a desire to create a unique experience for the patrons who experience the artwork:

~“It is more than passion, destiny or honor that drives me to create beautiful artwork.”

~“I began to understand the definition of Legacy. I see that it has three parts; Past, Present and Future. The first part of Legacy is to honor the past and keep alive the time-proven art-disciplines of our forefathers and to honor those who came before us.”

~“In the present, I keep alive both the performing art form of the artist working on site and the decorative art form of the mural painter and pinstripe artist. The fusion of technique harmonizes the dramatic and poetic expressions of these metallic mediums.”

~“Then, for the sake of inspiring future generations who will grow up among computer-generated offerings, I create long-lasting painted masterworks of art that will stand the test of time.”

~“These lasting works of art showcase my ability to expertly capture warmth, passion and movement using all of the techniques accumulated during my career that will outlive me. I am making something to demonstrate, bless and inspire the generations in the future.”  


       Visiting this Virtual Internet Gallery introduces you to the possibility of experiencing unrivaled memories that will last forever.


       When you purchase one of these paintings, your one-of-a-kind work of Letterfly art will hang in your home for many years, not only appreciating in value, but benefitting your life in many ways – making you healthier, happier and showing off your personality to the world.


       Our passion extends past our commitment to inspire others with these authentic pieces of art.  

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        Numerous multi-media custom paint design panels, contemporary paintings on canvas, masterworks for prints and as personal expression that captures the artist’s spirit, collectable hand decorated jewelry boxes, various hand-painted signs from an era now gone, and elaborate experimental artworks have been produced over the years as fodder for an art show. The individual characters in this eclectic collection are not only offered for sale to collectors of interesting memorabalia, but are sure to become the timeless heirlooms of a rapidly disappearing form of art for future generations to enjoy.

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