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Airbrushed Motorhome Murals

This artwork travels the country

Here are some of the original works of art that travel the USA and delight the passing motorists as the RV lifestyle influences all. ,

Three Egrets

John and Jesus

Artwork for the Marketplace

Cathedral Mountains

Underwater Fantasy

Mural is also Title of Novel

Underwater Coral Reef Scene

Indian Princess with a Dreamcatcher

Our Dream Came True

eagle over the rocky mountains

pair of eagles over the snow

eagle and a warm sky

the POW and the eagle

The buck stops here

Antique Fire Fighting Apparatus

Friesian Fantasy Bus

Friesian Forever

Friesian "Four Up" Team and Coach

Friesian Mare and Foal

Include All That You Love In Your Mural

A Purple Fantasy

Hot Rods Cruisin' at old Gas Station

Indian and horse at sunset

Hawaiian Maui Memories

Moose in the wilderness

Mountain view

The watchful mountain man

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

From the Perspective of a Master comes this realistic depiction of a classic automobile

Florida Panther

Young Prospector Heads West

Prospecting For Gold

The Old Prospector

Don Quixote Succeeds

The Mural is the Finishing Touch that Personalizes a Motorhome.

Rodeo Time

The eyes of our nation

Proud of their Mural

Space Shuttle


Peaceful Swans

Thank a veteran

Thank a Veteran

Eagle bust with flag

Happy Savior

wolf trio in the snow

Wolves in the Snow

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Interesting Articles and Other Resources

Many of the pictures displayed on this website are available as superior quality art prints on a variety of media. We digitally print images to a wide variety of substrates and ship them to you for your use. An art print on canvas is an excellent choice for the mural in your home. Images on high quality self-adhesive vinyl can be easily affixed to your vehicle or other surfaces by a professional in your area. Vinyl and canvas art prints, and other products including large posters, are outdoor durable and will last for years. For more information, or if you'd like to purchase one of these images in a specific format, please contact the artist Letterfly or see our Direct from the Artist information page.

You can commission original pieces of art to be created on canvas or directly on the walls of your home or on the outside of your motorhome or motorcycle. See our Art Services page for more info.

To see if one of Letterfly's pictures is available on t-shirts, mousepads, indoor quality mini-posters, posters, prints, greeting cards, postcards, or other products, please go to our online multiple medium Rolling Art Store. If you do not find the particular image on an item you'd like to purchase, please contact us and ask us to add that picture to that item in our lineup of products in that online store. Be sure to tell us the image name or the name of the web page that contains that image.

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A note from John about his brother's interview in
Careers for Geniuses and Other Gifted Types

A while back, while searching for 'Knoderer' at,
I discovered that my brother was interviewed for the book
Careers for Geniuses and Other Gifted Types.

In honor of that achievement,
I created a special webpage,
which you can find online at:

If you follow the instructions on that page, you can actually read the entire interview
without even having to buy the book (but feel free to buy the book with a link on that page).

The books below can help aspiring young artists learn the techniques that Letterfly uses to be a great artist.